Handcrafted wooden pen – Mahogany, Brazil, Black, fountain ink


Mahogany is native to the Caribbean and Central and South American lowland tropical or subtropical forests where rainfall averages between 1 and 2.5 meters. It was used to patch ship planks for Hernando Cortez in 1514. From the beginning, Mahogany study and harvesting has been a long and difficult battle with the trackless tropical wilderness. The visual beauty on the face of genuine Mahogany became a tradition, and so for most people, it is the most familiar characteristic of the wood. Mahogany is less liable to warping, shrinking, swelling, and twisting than other woods. This is because of its unusual resistance to moisture and atmospheric changes. Mahogany does not move – it holds its shape. Because of the size of the Mahogany tree, it produces incredibly clear large pieces.

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