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A pen that has a luxurious design and is suitable for everyday writing? Such are the original Woodsign wooden pens that have been loved by customers around the world for their legitimate handmade production. Do you prefer ink pens or would you rather prefer a ball-point design? A gift box, the certificate of originality and shipping is covered by us. Woodsign can still offer you much more!


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Working with wood is the one true passion of Woodsign. In every piece of wood, nature offers us a wonderful piece of art. We make each piece of pen by hand, with love and with the help of nature for the creation of his piece of art. We carefully select every piece of wood our pen is made of. For each of the pens made, we add a certificate of originality with a unique pen number.


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My surname, being Smrek, literally predestined me to work with wood. It’s not just a hobby, its love, passion, pride and joy in one. It’s the ideal way to slow down and take a step back in today’s busy world.

I needed a pen. The first did not write, the second was too fine, the third just scratched the paper. Nothing more, nothing less. My insight into common writing instruments were truly compex. How to combine what I need with what is nice, artistic, precise and what will make me proud? I remembered my woodworking experience that I gathered in the United States, where I first held a chisel in my hand. I then started designing, looking for material and gradually arranging my future workshop. I often looked at a piece of forgotten Wenge wood from which I wanted to make a chain. And then one day, without thinking, I drew it and carved it.. The primordial joy was replaced by passion, which helped to create the whole idea of Woodsign. At that moment, I wanted to grasp for a  new life and give a second chance to all the wood that somebody had thrown away, or nature had put it deep into its depths.

In Woodsign today, you will find pens from various exotic woods as well as from non-traditional pieces, such as a 7500 year old subfossil oak from Prague’s Stromovka Park or a pen from a shipwreck from the 17th century. The beautiful variety of woods from around the world contains 150 species. They were favored by presidents, ministers, but also by the world critic Jim Murray and other personalities. Woodsign also has customers in Canada, Pakistan, Australia and South Africa.

Dominik Smrek

About me

Dominik Smrek

I make pens with a passsion for nature

Perhaps you were wondering who’s work was behind these pens when viewing Woodsign. My name is Dominik Smrek, I come from Poprad and I have my workshop in Edinburgh Scotland. I am a passionate traveller, author of a motivational book and an absolute lover of jazz, books and the theatre. I’ve been playing with wood since I was a kid. When I look at the past, I never thought at the time that I would come to such a production once.  A man will always find his passion over time. Woodworking requires a lot of precision, education, trial and error. It took me three years to test and develop production technology.

Carvers are one big community. When travelling to the USA, China, Russia, Latin America and Germany, I met many local manufacturers. They became my friends, but also an inspiration within my creations. I produce every pen directly with childlike joy. I often stream the results of my work on the Internet or present at exhibitions, public meetings and various local / world markets. My pens travel just like me. They have already reached 20 up to countries. They are especially interested in politicians, lawyers, doctors, but they also like people of many other professions. The pen is a gift that fits every occasion.

I try to fully satisfy my customers, so I am inclined to individual requirements or ideas.


Dominik Smrek, MBA

Woodsign creator

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